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Collinsville Collision Center, 125 S. 5th St. Collinsville, OK 74021 Phone: 918-371-4545 Fax: 918 371-7981
                                      We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm 
Owner Joe Sagi
Computerized Frame Machine
Spray-Tech Paint Booth
Spies Hecker Paint System
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State of Oklahoma
Insurers shall not require a claimant to travel unreasonably either to inspect a replacement motor vehicle, obtain a repair estimate or have the motor vehicle repaired at a specific repair shop.

If an insurer prepares an estimate of the cost of automobile repairs, such estimate shall be in an amount for which it reasonably may be expected that the damage can be repaired satisfactorily. An insurer shall give a copy of an estimate to a claimant and may furnish to the claimant the names of one or more conveniently located repair shops, if requested by the claimant.

An insurer or its representative shall not require a claimant to obtain motor vehicle repairs at a specific repair facility. An insurer or its representative shall not require a claimant to obtain motor vehicle glass repair or replacement at a specific motor vehicle glass repair or replacement facility. An insurer shall fully and promptly pay for the cost of the motor vehicle repair services or products, less any applicable deductible amount payable according to the terms of the policy. The claimant shall be furnished an itemized priced statement of repairs by the repair facility at the time of acceptance of the repaired motor vehicle. Unless a cash settlement is made, if a claimant selects a motor vehicle repair or motor vehicle glass repair or replacement facility, the insurer shall provide payment to the facility based on a competitive price, as established by that insurer through market surveys or by the insured through competitive bids at the insured's option, to determine a fair and reasonable market price for similar services. Reasonable deviation from this market price is allowed based on the facts in each case.
At Collinsville Collision Center, we will work with you and your insurance company. We are not what they call a Direct Repair Shop. We are not a DRP, because most DRP's give the insurance companys, not you the customer, a discount. We will not take any shortcuts on the repair of your vehicle. Most DRP shops will, so that they can makeup for the discount they have to give to the insurance company.
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